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Fathers Rights Protection System GOLD Package

YES! Rush me Dennis Gac's Father Rights Protection System, and put me on the fast track to gaining custody of my kids, lowering child support, stopping wage garnishments, and even putting the "X" on the defensive for a change!

I'm one of the first 25 this month to order, so Dennis Gac will give me the $495.54 value for $247.77 -- risk free.

I understand that if for any reason I have not improved my situation to my complete satisfaction in the agreed upon time frame as outlined in the 7 lesson course, I understand that I can have a complete refund and keep the bonuses:

You will receive:

1. All EIGHT FATHERS RIGHT MANUALS - Over 600 pages of supercharged father's rights techniques in CD Rom! By instantly downloading the father's rights manuals that are described on our main page your life will begin to change for the better! These manuals WILL make a difference!

2. FREE - Magnetic Power Pleadings that'll supercharge my case and finally give me the fathers-rights willing techniques that I've always been looking for. (which are NOT used by traditional attorney's at the county courthouses.) ($300.00 Value)

3. FREE - Nationwide Fathers Rights Resources that can aid in my case. Private investigators, mediators, counselors, mental health counselors and even attorney's who are "father-friendly." ($199.00 Value)

4. FREE - Legal Forms Shrewdly Slanted In My Favor, giving me the rights I didn't even think I had. These forms will also protect me from getting screwed and can be used at any courthouse no matter where you live in North America! ($700.00 Value)

5. FREE - Informative Report on Parental Alienation Syndrome that will enlighten me to the "X"'s nasty techniques in emotionally loading the children against me. For the first time I will understand how to combat her "dirty pool." ($159.00 Value)

6. FREE - State and Federal Tort Claims. Defend against false claims and put her on the defensive for defaming your character and interfering with your parental rights. These suits cover Constitutional violations as well. All I need to do is use Dennis's techniques to make these suits my own and use them against my "X" to win. ($100.00 Value)

7. FREE - NBFR Glossary & Power Resource Listings Hard to find Father's Rights Resources including the Legal Dictionary of Terms, specifically from the Father's Rights Slant and a Tremendous resource of father's rights links, including Private Investigators, Local Resources, Attorneys, and other Resources valuable for Fathers. These "cutting-edge" contacts offer you the “edge,” in your area and in your case. You simply cannot do without Father's Rights oriented material….nothing else will suffice. ($65.00 Value)

8. FREE - The NBFR Audio Companion CD “An Insiders Look At Father's Rights Issues” Your 1-on-1 with the Expert! A personalized audio interview that outlines “exactly” what other fathers have done when they’ve found themselves in the exact same situation that you “may” find yourself in today. Just pop this CD right into your car or home CD player, relax, listen and take notes, if you will. This is the “Quick Start” that everyone needs to get their cases “jump started.” ($325.00 Value)

9. FREE - Frequently Asked Questions NEW AND IMPROVED! The Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] are “Issues” & Fixes and have been reviewed by our father's rights experts. Do you have a question that is specific to your case? Don’t recreate the “wheel”. Chances are other fathers have had the same problem and found a solution. Their answers and case histories are right here; all in a format that that is easy to follow and ready for use in your case, if you’d like. ($65.00 Value)

10. FREE - "How To Use The Federal Court System To Enforce Your Constitutionally Guaranteed Parental Rights And Prevent The Dissipation of Your Assets And Infringements Upon Your Personal Rights"... How to use the Federal Court system in your case .” ($199.00 Value)

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