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NBFR Fathers Rights Paperwork Package

The Fathers Rights Protection System is included with upgrade!

YES! Upgrade my Membership to Include the Fathers Rights Paperwork Package, and put me on the fast track to gaining custody of my kids, lowering child support, stopping wage garnishments, and even putting the "X" on the defensive for a change! I know that I’ll have a virtual Paper Blizzard going against the “X” with the NBFR System.

I'm one of the Pro-Active Fathers to order, so Dennis Gac will give me the NBFR Membership and the Paperwork Package for $1,850.00. A $4,995.00 Value. [$875.00 form unlimited membership for one year with Dennis, personally, plus $975.00 for all the paperwork for my pending case.

I understand that Membership in the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights and the NBFR FATHERS RIGHTS PAPERWORK PACKAGE offers a tremendous savings over the traditional method of turning "everything" over to an attorney; but, realize that it will take some work and effort on my part. Dennis will guide me, personally, every inch of the way.

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I'm ordering today so I will receive the special price of $1,850.00.