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Can It Get Any Better?

Since you are joining the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights as a Full Consulting Member today, I'd like to offer you the exclusive opportunity to upgrade by adding the NBFR FATHERS RIGHTS PAPERWORK PACKAGE which includes ALL PAPERWORK drafted personally for your case solely from a Fathers Rights perspective. Nothing of its kind is available anywhere else!


At times, the most confusing thing about going to court is knowing how to file the correct paperwork. Not only what to file, but how to file it and how to write it in "their" language --- legalese if you will! This is where 95% of the mistakes are made.

The National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights will make certain that you present your case properly, asking the right questions, in the right manner, directed to the right person, at the right time and in the right Fathers Rights Friendly format. This increases “your” odds of success dramatically!

Don't kid yourself, many fathers have great cases that never get past first base because the paperwork is drafted incorrectly and/or presented to the wrong judge at the wrong court. I get hundreds of calls every year just like this, and, if true to form, no one at the courthouse will give you the time of day!

The National Brotherhood of Father Rights charges an additional $975.00 to do “all” the paperwork in your case --- all very professionally done --- according to "your" specifications! You have complete control and editorial review --- so, it says "exactly" what you want!

How can we do this? We have gigabytes of information on disk and have worked with thousands of fathers, nationwide. In short, we've worked on your case many, many times before with other guys all across the country, in every State, and in many different countries. THE BASIC APPROACH IS "EXACTLY" THE SAME. To us your case is not unique. Simply put, we can do it faster and better than anyone else; saving you incredible amounts of money and valuable time! Just add up what you may be paying an attorney and compare!

Membership in the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights and the NBFR FATHERS RIGHTS PAPERWORK PACKAGE offers a tremendous savings over the traditional method of turning "everything" over to an attorney. Even if you have an attorney, you can use us to do all the drafting of paperwork, answer all your questions, while you do all the leg work. You still have an attorney on board to go to hearings with you, but, you don't have to rely totally upon what he says because you have knowledge of your own. Save 70%-80% on legal fees and still have the best of all worlds!

The famous “Paper Blizzard” tactic, originated by the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights will give “you” the edge:

Darrin Cook had us do all his paperwork and he gained custody of his 12 year old daughter and his 3 year old son from two different Mothers. The Snohomish County Prosecutor told Darrin it was the best Pro Se case he had ever seen!

Craig Carlson had NBFR write up our famous laches and equitable estoppel argument which he used to eliminate $27,500.00 in back child support. 3 different attorney's previously told him he couldn't do a thing. The judge told Craig the arguments were “excellent.”

Don Presley had us write up our motion to vacate arguments to get rid of a nasty restraining order based upon false allegations. Don was extremely pleased.

• Electrician Dan Buckett used our pleading services to keep equity in his home, lower child support when he was unemployed and participate in his sons "passion" --- hockey. The “X”’s attorney was bewildered by the virtual Paper Blizzard Dan created with our help.

Chris Brown used NBFR pleading work to rebuild a relationship with his 5 children and settle over $100,000.00 of child support debt with his X. Chris was extremely pleased as well.

"Dennis’ pleading work is the best. The opposing side legal counsel asked me how I was getting this “stuff” done so good and so fast. Dennis’ trial brief was awesome. Even the judge was impressed and said as much.”

-Chris Brown

The Fathers Rights Protection System is included with upgrade!

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