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Dennis M. Gac

Now, as attractive as this offer is, I know many Fathers who could benefit greatly from using the Fathers Rights Asset Protection Plan won't order... and while that's okay with us from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally because I see all the emails and phone calls from Fathers about the incredible value they received, just like this recent email from Brad:

"Hi Dennis,

I bought your "Fathers Rights Asset Protection Plan" just last week and I had to drop you a line to say "Wow!". Just as I was wrestling with a disagreeable X, you come along and save me. It just took me a few minutes to sign up and within a few short days I received my entire package including my Fathers Rights Living Trust, My Pour-Over-Will and my Fathers Rights Asset Protection Manual. Thanks for a fantastic product!"

-Brad Livingston
Detroit, Michigan

That's why I'd hate the thought of someone not ordering because of an error or omission on our part. So we held a "brainstorming" session with everyone in our office to think of why you might not take us up on our 100% no-risk offer. We only came up with three possible reasons. Here they are:

Q: This sounds like a great concept - but my situation (fill in the blank with your own situation) - would your Fathers Rights Asset Protection Plan work for me?

A: Fathers who are using our Fathers Rights Asset Protection Plan are in all sorts of different situations. In fact, here's a short listing of just a few:

  • You're single, divorced and don't get along with the X
  • You're remarried and don't get along with the X
  • You were never married but want to make certain your child is taken care of
  • You get along with the X but if the circumstances change, you want security
  • I have a local attorney but he doesn't do estate work
  • I know of other places on the net to get a Will and a Trust, but they are not specifically "geared" for Fathers Rights.

Q: I have bought books and obtained information on the net about Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts and they were not very helpful. How are your materials different?

A: Most of the other estate planning materials you see out there have been recycled and rehashed time and time again and are "not" Fathers Rights specific. In fact, I have a lot of materials just lying around my office which do not have one useful piece of material valuable for Fathers.

The Fathers Rights Asset Protection Documents are written to create a protective bubble specific to Father's needs. They're based upon the issues that all Fathers have. You will find these estate documents really work - just like this satisfied Father found out:

"I used your Fathers Rights Asset Protection Plan and quickly felt much better about having my two children protected from the greedy little hands of my X wife."

-Dan Buckett
Federal Way, Washington

Q. How are the templates and bonuses delivered to me? I'm not very technical and sometimes I get things and they are just plain gibberish and I can't access anything.

A: After we receive your personal information our staff will personalize your Living Trust and your Pour-Over-Will. Once they're done, these documents, along with your Fathers Rights Asset Protection Plan Manual will be sent to you via email. Then it's simply a matter of downloading and printing out your personalized documents. The free bonuses are downloadable for both PC and Mac Users in Adobe PDF files. You simply need Adobe's free Acrobat reader to view them.

In fact, here's a testimonial on the free bonuses you'll receive:

And Take A Look At What Other Users of Fathers
Rights Asset Protection Plan Have To Say:

"Anyone even considering an estate plan should buy this incredible product. It's one of the most impressive products I've come across. If you are at all serious about solidifying your kids' financial future then you can't afford to do without it. The manual is easy to read, gives excellent information and takes the reader step-by-step through the entire process. Of course you get your Trust and Will as well."

-Larry Dotson
Miami, Florida

"I wanted to thank you for your Fathers Rights Asset Protection Plan! Seriously -- this stuff TOTALLY blows away anything similar to it. Dennis, I can't thank you enough for this!"

-Bryan Hall
Seattle, Washington

"There is a wealth of information in the Estate manual. I keep going back to it over and over again for more tips and guidelines It's not a program that you just read, it's kind of like a bible that you keep going back to, and you find that you start picking it back up to look for that special tip or idea. (It's usually there)."

-Susan James
Big Bear, California

"Looks like this is a winner. And the ad copy that you provide is nothing short of sensational. So thanks for a great product. The sales letter tool box is worth more than the price of the whole package."

-Nancy Denuto
Los Angeles, CA

"I started going through the manual yesterday with my yellow "highlighter" and making notes. Great material here! In just the first "run through" I can't believe how many "new" things I got out of it."

-Thomas Townsend
Miami, Florida

Remember the risk is entirely on my shoulders, you have an great guarantee that this asset protection plan will really work for you. Don't put this off - in just seconds you can be on your way to financial peace of mind for your children. Get started now!

Or, if you still have any lingering concerns or questions, please email me at: -- I will answer your email personally.

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