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Since you are ordering today, you have the opportunity to upgrade by becoming a Full Consulting Member of the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights. It includes everything you just heard plus the benefits of a Full Consulting Membership AND unlimited consultation with Dennis, personally, for a period of one year.

I understand that The Full Consulting Membership Program Has Three Essential Stages to it.

Stage One: The Learning Stage:

This is where you and I have an initial consultation after you fill out our client questionnaire. I learn more about your case and you learn more about how I can help you and how our program works.

You’ll study one bite-sized chunk at a time of necessary information specific to your case. Then, you’ll work with me one on one to talk through questions and discuss how you’ll be using what you’re learning in court.

Stage Two: The Preparation Stage:

Stage two is where you start to learn by doing as you put our ideas for succeeding in court into action. The heart of this is the strategy I map out for you. To succeed you have to be able to follow instructions to the letter and be willing to take action.

This is NOT a "classroom" seminar or a kit in a box, but rather a hands-on experience where you’ll be doing the actual work of filling out papers and preparing for court. You’ll be making any necessary calls to the courthouse, your wife's attorney, etc.

You see, the whole idea is to get you to do the most important, and often times most intimidating, actions. But rather than make the calls on your own or talk with judges and attorneys by yourself, you’ll have all the support you need right there with you because we’re the safety net! You can call us at any time!

And remember, the faster you learn what we teach you, the more prepared you will be for your court date.

Stage Three: The Action Stage:

The secret to this stage is to show up for court fully prepared. You'll be able to call me from your cell phone from the courthouse steps if you need to. Right up until the last moment we can evaluate your actions and plan of attack. You can even call me during breaks at court hearings. I’m there for you.

And finally, you get to work with me to fine-tune your strategy every single week so that you will have the child custody and child support arrangement that's in the best interest of your child.

As a member of National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights you’ll get unlimited access to me, personally, by phone, email or fax...

Remember: This is YOUR case, these are YOUR children, this is YOUR life. But you’ll have the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights to constantly rely upon to help take you through every phase --- every step of the way.

Now, the reality is there are a lot of steps to take. So rather than give it to you all at once, my job is to feed you only what you need to know at any given time ---one careful step at a time. In fact, our real job is to help take the complicated process of representing yourself in court and breaking it down into bite-sized chunks.

You can have instant access to a Full Consultation Membership in The National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights for $875.00 more if you order now.

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