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Since you are ordering the Fathers Rights Protection System today, I'd like to offer you the exclusive opportunity to upgrade to the Fathers Rights Protection System GOLD package.

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Gold Bonus #1 - The National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights AUDIO COMPANION. (Sold elsewhere for $325.00 or more)

This 2-Compact Disk Audio Companion contains almost 2 hours of Audio Instruction with Fathers Rights Expert, Dennis Gac. Discover how you can use dozens of the most powerful techniques to win custody of your kids, lower your child support… kick butt in family court… and leave the "X" in the dust as she scratches her head wondering how you did it! Having this information present verbally makes things very easy to understand!

These Fathers Rights-Winning Methods are presented in very easy to understand language and are the fastest, easiest, most reliable way to increase your rights with your kids WITHOUT spending a fortune on a high-priced attorney.

Over 100 Powerful Strategies presented by Dennis in an interview format, gives you almost 2 solid hours of riveting audio analysis of all his Rights-Winning Fathers Rights Techniques – the precise ways of HOW to use them, and WHY they work.

And you’ll be treated to dozens of real-world, Fathers Rights Case Studies that are glowing examples of how these regular guys have turned their cases around, lowered child support, gained custody and leveled the playing field by fighting back in family court. You've got to know what to do and this Audio Companion, verbally shows you the way.

In addition to the 2 Hour Audio Compact Disks, you’ll also get an additional Compact Disk containing Frequently Asked Questions and the entire Fathers Rights Protection System on Compact Disk containing over 1,000 pages packet with High-Powered Fathers Rights Information. [Only available by download with the "Basic" System]

The tactics you'll discover are the same Fathers Rights-Winning secrets:

  • Darrin Cook used to gain custody of his 12 years old daughter and his 3 year old son from two different Mothers

  • Craig Carlson used to eliminate $27,500.00 in back child support when 3 different attorney's previously told him he couldn't

  • Don Presley used to combat a restraining order his "X" placed on him to get seeing his kids again

  • Electrician Dan Buckett used to keep equity in his home, lower child support when he was unemployed and participate in his sons "passion" --- hockey

  • Chris Brown Used to rebuild a relationship with his 5 children and settle $1,000.00 of debt

"Dennis has masterfully isolated the true keys to gaining your rights as a Father. These are powerful concepts that work."

-Chris Brown

And if you act now, I'll even throw in the following valuable bonuses: [I cannot guarantee how long these bonuses will remain on this webpage, as they might be withdrawn without notice once I hit my irrevocable sales limit.]

Bonus Gift #1: License Suspension Information ($19.00 Value!) This is a handy cheat sheet stuffed with the precise words and procedures to use to gain back your license if it's been taken because of child support issues. [Works for getting your Passport back too.]

Bonus Gift #2: Case Law For Fathers Rights ($19.00 Value!) Use these time-proven case citings in "your" case when writing up your paperwork to uncover exactly what the court "must" hear, in order to give you what you want.

Bonus Gift #3: How To File A Lawsuit Against Your "X" ($29.00 Value!) Several case examples of regular Fathers that have sued the "X"'s, her Attorney and even the court system to gain their rights. These cases are completely dissected so you understand precisely why they worked and the pressure they caused on everyone to gain more rights for the Father.

Bonus Gift #4: TV How To Do a Custody and Child Support Modification ($29.00 Value!) Reveals the winning arguments needed to lower your child support and gain custody of your kids.

Gold Bonus #2 - How To Get the IRS To Pay Your Child Support and Obtain the Tax Exemptions, Every Year ($97.00 Value)

The IRS Package features little known methods you can use to lessen the effects of monthly child support. This book sells at up to $97.00 elsewhere... so you can be sure it has substantial value. Discover killer techniques such as:

* The single greatest tax benefit that there is, yet "no" uses it....not even Accountants. Adding just THIS ONE "easy" technique in your case will lessen your child support by 30% the instant you implement it.

* How to build credibility with the court and the opposing attorney so that they will automatically believe everything you tell them.

* Which technique can be used to lessen your child support, gain the tax exemptions every year and, yet, give the X the same amount of money she's is currently receiving. Hint , no one uses this one either....and we don't know's so easy!

* What to do if the "X" takes the tax exemptions and you're legally entitled to them.

* How to make child support a tax deduction. Start using this technique and your net spendable income goes up instantly.

* How to put your "X" and the court in the perfect frame of mind, and think of your tax ideas the exact way you want them to for maximum benefit.

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