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They Laughed When He Said He Wanted Joint Custody And No Child Support After Getting Screwed At His First Hearing, But You Could See His Wife’s Jaw Drop When He Walked Out Of The Custody Evaluators Office Getting Exactly What He Always Wanted...

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Seattle, Washington,

December 6 2009

Dear Fellow Father,

Let me ask you an honest question…is your court case going the way you expected?

Have you gained the rights that you feel you’re entitled to?

Or do you want more?

I hear you. I used to feel the same way… until I heard the amazing story of Dennis Gac, and how he leveled the playing field in family court.!

So Just Who Is Dennis Gac And Why Should You Listen To Him?

Dennis is one of the most dynamic and intelligent people you could ever want to meet. He has…

Despite all the initial setbacks in his own personal case, today Dennis Gac is…

Dennis Gac has achieved much:

Here's Why Dennis Can Help You...

He is exceptionally informed about Fathers Rights Issues in every area of the United States and Abroad and is totally committed to helping Fathers who want more time with their kids; paying less child support while “supporting” their kids in their own way. You will experience him as a friend and mentor who really wants you to succeed. Dennis had to cope with some extreme circumstances in his own personal case some 20 years ago, so he developed an incredible system for success. Now you can use it to Gain Your Own Fathers Rights… Starting Today!

Learn to Gain Your Fathers Rights No Matter What You Have and Where You Start!

Darrin Cook had the courage to act. He was a happy go lucky guy until the court system and his "X" girlfriends [Yes two!] tried to make him a 2nd Class Parent. Darrin was totally frustrated and almost gave up until he found Dennis and the Fathers Rights Protection System™.

“When I discovered that Dennis' system really worked I was excited. I ended up with 50/50 time with my 12 year old daughter and gained full custody of my 3 year old son! Dennis’ system will work for you too!"

Darrin Cook Everett, Washington (425) 268-2230

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Dennis’ remarkable success in his own personal case and his huge successes with Fathers all across the world gives him great insight into what it takes to really make a difference in “your” case.

By grinding it out in the trenches himself he has documented a roadmap from start to finish for you -- like he did for Darrin -- and others. The Fathers Rights Protection System™ will transform your case where nothing else has worked before!

And you can follow the same Fathers-Rights-Winning path as laid out in Dennis' easy-to-follow Fathers Rights Protection System™ in “both” downloadable and easy to listen to, audio success kits.

If it can change Bill Ranko’s case then it can change yours too.

"I desperately wanted to get my case over with in the most amicable way possible; but, the "X" had different plans." She lied, cheated and manipulated the system to keep me from my kids and "raped" me with high child support. Well, once I heard of Dennis' system, I got on the offense and committed to working a few hours a week on my case using information found in the Fathers Rights Protection System™. In just under a year I gained full custody of my oldest son and shared custody of my youngest. It was great having a track to run on and a basic plan of attack provided in Dennis' system!"

Bill Ranko Gold Bar, Washington (425) 829-1571

What would you pay for lower child support? What’s it worth to you to be able to spend more meaningful time with your kids?

At this moment, make the decision to ACT. Decide to change and remake your case, from the ground up, into a Fathers-Rights-Winning Machine.

Chris Brown started out fighting his "X" after 23 years of marriage. False allegations and a brutal court assault against Chris left him devastated and emotionally crippled... but it quickly turned around once Chris became "empowered" with legal strategies he could use right away in his case to make a difference!

Find out how Chris' strategies got the "X" back on her heels for a change and order the same system he used to improve his case by clicking on the link, below:

Chris Brown Everett, Washington (425) 343-3601

Imagine going to bed at night and not worrying “if” you’re going to see your kids again. Imagine waking up the next day with the confidence that you can beat the X at her own game --- Truly a parent with a full set of, court protected, parental rights.

Now, more than ever, it's necessary to use winning strategies that will easily help you gain custody rights with your kids and get your child support under control.

However... to really "know" what to do you need an inside edge. There is far too little useful information available to Fathers and most traditional help is far too expensive. And, even if you find someone to help they are usually far too conservative to challenge a system that's set in its ways. After all, why should they stick their necks out when they have to deal with those same Colleagues day to day?

So, you need an advantage. That's why Dennis created the Fathers Rights Protection System™.

Using Dennis’ Insider Methods:

Are you ready to summon up your courage, to grab your own bootstraps and begin a better path? If you are, any or all of these things then this program will work for you.

It worked for Dan Buckett:

After finding his wife was cheating on him, Dan just wanted a divorce and to move on with his life --- being a meaningful part of his kids' lives. But when he saw how underhanded his "X" wife was and how she frustrated access to his kids and "extracted" as much money as possible from him in child support, he decided to launch a full scale offensive attack!

One year later, he's got the kids at least 50% of the time, lowered his child support by 75% and has the "X", quite literally scared to go to court.

Dan Buckett Federal Way, Washington (253) 350-8276

Don't let that force keep you in your chair unfulfilled!

Follow the lead of people like Don Presley who writes:

“I knew that I had the potential to be a great father to my kids, even though the "X" obtained a fraudulent restraining order against me!” “I used Dennis’ system.”

Discover how Don found a way to get back on track with his kids, get rid of the restraining order and turned his entire life around after suffering from depression for a period of time!

Don Presley Washington State

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"The techniques from the Fathers Rights Protection System™ helped me do what three attorneys couldn't (or wouldn't) do. I was able to get a powerful, biased, and dangerous Guardian Ad Litem removed from my case, pro se! She was so mad! Dennis held my hand as I encountered resistance from the court house, telling me to 'go bounce some heads!' He reviewed my motions, shared cases (that worked) to apply to my motion, and kept me going when it seemed the cards were all stacked against me. Quite honestly they are! But thanks Dennis’ organization The National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights, I am stacking the deck in my favor. My motion was granted and now that this hurdle has been overcome, I now have more. I am confident due to this success and I am certain that as I continue to use Dennis' techniques of 'legal kung-fu', I will prevail over the other hurdles! For the sake of my son, I have hope, thanks to these techniques!"

Peace be with you,

Gary Barksdale Oklahoma

Since all these guys followed Dennis’ techniques to "the-letter" they exceeded their goals beyond their wildest expectations. All this comes from a positive attitude and implementing very simple, but aggressive techniques that will make your case a "Fathers Rights-Winning Machine."

Why You Can't Find Fathers Rights Winning Techniques Through Traditional Sources

Let's face it, anyone can "muddle" aimlessly through their own case, or hire a "well recommended" attorney that's part of the same system that's screwing us. These are no secrets. So relying on them puts you at a major disadvantage. Here's why:

Now don't get me wrong. The court system isn't trying to make your life difficult. It just seems that way. Really, all the “Governmental Robotons" are doing exactly what's expected of them... being Pro-Mother and Anti-Father. You’ve seen it, you’ve felt it….Chivalry At Work!

Most attorney's specialize in one thing…going with the flow. They're not typically going to stick their necks out for you or any other client when they know it's politically incorrect to do so. In fact, some don't even think that far ahead....they’ll just keep doing the same old thing on case after case…choosing the path of least resistance. Fathers Rights isn't their “bag”. They'll never teach you:

The Street Smart Secrets Necessary To Turn Your Case Into A Fathers Rights Winning Machine

The Fathers Rights Protection System™: The complete guide to defending yourself in an extremely prejudicial system, gaining custody of your kids, launching your own personal child support revolt and leveling the playing field!

In this course, Dennis has painstakingly spelled out each and every step you’ll need in easy to use format. You'll be totally amazed with the results it gets you - but don’t take our word for it. You’ll get a risk-free guarantee for the next 12 months. And, if you order by December 6 2009, we’ll make this deal better than you could wish for: We’ll include $1,458.00 worth of bonuses:

But first, take a look at...

Dennis Gac’s Fathers Rights Protection System

The Easiest Way To Obtain The Results You’re Looking For! The Fathers Rights Protection System™ In Both Down Loadable and Audio Versions Contains:


    Taking you from the first time a problem arises through final paperwork, including sections on: The Paper Blizzard Strategy; Why it's better to initiate the action; When you should leave the family home; How to avoid and handle false allegations of domestic violence; How to keep your "X" from "automatically obtaining custody; What to do if the "X" denies court ordered visitation; How child support is determined and how to lower it; Most importantly, how to modify custody! You don't need to get "stuck" with all the financial obligations and lose your kids. If you're an individual of self confidence, or want to obtain self confidence gain this knowledge now!


    Reveals in plain language how to stop oppression and live a free life. Don't tolerate less! Learn the unknown ins and outs of freeing your life from Support Enforcement, blood sucking "X" wives, wage garnishments, licensing problems, legal frustration & harassment and custodial interference. PART II shows you clever tricks and reveals totally legal methods to: Lessen the damage from child support; How to handle abusive court actions by the "X"; Explains community property rules; How to channel income and change the location of your assets; Fight government confiscation of your drivers licenses & other licensing; Defend against restraining orders and orders of protection.


    Tells you what no other source will about the divorce process, giving "you" the edge. At the first sign of marital trouble, this manual will help you prepare to "wage war" against an extremely prejudicial system. This manual takes you inside the divorce process showing you what makes it tick. Includes a History including divorce rates evolution information about the system; Explains how to prepare for divorce; How to obtain temporary orders; A "secret look" at the Judges Bench Manual. Helps a father better understand how to handle typical situations such as: informal hearings, arbitration, mediation and negotiation techniques, divorce and remarriage/ how to protect yourself, blackmail and extortion by the "X" in the divorce process, case histories/tales of woe, short and long term solutions to the system, time tables for filing documents/case calendar, initiation of a lawsuit checklist and the basics of starting an action without a lawyer.


    Explains how most "X"s act as though they "own" the kids. Tired of it? Specifically geared for unwed fathers. It helps you establish a complete set of parental rights with your children and do so in such a way that you're not dependent on what "she" thinks or says. Contrary to the popular image projected by main stream media, fathers are not "deadbeats". Most fathers want to support and spend time with their children but wish to have input as to how child support is spent and how their children are being raised. Do you have the essential knowledge to protect your rights with your children? Answer these simple questions to determine if you have the information and tools necessary to return your rights to a rich, full, life with your children and economic harmony: Why is it important to establish paternity? Is having your name on the birth certificate enough? What is paternity blood testing? Blood testing or DNA? The Mother lied about using birth control, why do I have to pay? How you can make certain your child has your last name. Will you be able to protect your rights with the new Child Support Recover Act already in place? Are you willing to run the risk of asset seizure and jail time for a "crime" you didn't commit; invented by money grabbing support enforcement agencies? You need to know the answers to these questions.


    For fathers that want to strike back against false allegations of sexual abuse/domestic violence. It gives the low down, no-nonsense, straight facts about women using children and false allegations of abuse to "get rid of you". It shows you how to FIGHT BACK! Information is presented in the form of short capsules that vary in subject matter including: Case histories; Techniques to prevent false allegations; Sample pleadings of actual law suits against "X"'s that falsely accuse. Information in this manual will save you weeks of research & frustration. If put to proper use this information will help you keep your money, your freedom and your family.


    How to settle effectively rather than go into the non-user-friendly, anti-father, court system. This interesting manual includes: How to pick a mediator; never mediate with lawyers present, and why; Mediation techniques of the Pro's.


    Written for fathers that are serious about rolling up their sleeves and doing their own pleading work. This manual is in "easy-to-use" format for copying into your own pleadings. Much of the information has been obtained from real cases. More than that, it's the key to unlocking the mystery of the court system; including hard to find information on: Vacating or setting aside a burdensome order; How to effectively use "Tort Actions"; How to file a lien on assets while you're suing the "X"; Sample lawsuit against the "X"; Suing the State & State officials for denial of constitutional rights; How to sue a lawyer or a judge. This manual will put you in the "winners circle"! Open your eyes to ideas and options you never thought possible! This manual provides "working models" that have worked for other fathers. If there ever was a "bible for fathers rights", this is it! An encyclopedia of "street smarts" for fathers.


    Short capsules that vary in subject matter. Jealously guarded secrets are revealed which show fathers how to turn their cases into a Rights-Winning-Machine. Learning 100's of the easiest, fastest and most effective ways to protect your rights. I will show you, step-by-step, how to make progress toward reducing your child support and gaining more rights with your children. You don't need to be an attorney or a whiz kid at the keyboard. You don't need any special equipment or experience to immediately go from defeated father to 'rights-winning expert.' Techniques that make it possible for any father to turn things around. I cut right through the nonsense and show you what it really takes to consistently gain and maintain your rights and pay as little as possible in child support. This knowledge comes from consistently helping thousands of fathers with remarkably simple techniques. Almost anyone can easily duplicate this success by setting the wheels in motion. Most fathers expect to have success overnight and others are more realistic believing that it will take consistent effort over a long period of time. Some things can be done immediately; however, long term success comes with consistent application of techniques that you'll learn.

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You’ll Immediately Receive
The Following Bonuses

Bonus #1: Magnetic Power Pleadings (A $300.00 Value)

I know it may sound unbelievable, but honestly, my methods work 100% of the time. (You'll see why when you begin to use them). And you won't find this information in any other 'how to' book or tape in the market about representing yourself in court.

Because I've never offered my course publicly, I'm offering the following special bonus package for only a short period of time, I will include the following five bonuses, at no additional charge:

Here are the same extremely effective legal pleadings I've personally used and that fathers all across the country have used, in every state in the union to super charge their cases. These are the fathers-rights winning techniques that you've always been searching for and that you can just copy and stick into your own paperwork; ready for court. (You'll use a simple, fast method for laying out what you want to say in an organized manner, transferring it into "legalese" and how to get it filed with the court.)

Bonus #2: Nationwide Fathers Rights Resources (A $199.00 Value)

These are the same proven resources others have used to aid with their cases.

Investigators and Mediators: People who can find out what the "X" is up to when you really need to know and who can help settle your case without court action.

Counselors and Mental Health Professionals: These individuals can be used to write custody reports for the court, reintegration therapy, custody opinions for teen children that now want to live with Dad and can, professionally and clinically interpret what's going on for presentation to the court. They can even be used as witnesses in court.

Attorney's: Good attorney's are hard to find if not impossible when it comes to fighting for fathers rights....Know what to ask and where to go to find a good one. Actual names of people and organizations that are "father-friendly".

Bonus #3: Legal Forms Shrewdly Slanted in Your Favor (A $700.00 Value)

These are the same forms I've written and guided attorney's to write. (They cost me $700 in legal fees). Unlike the 'standard' forms you pick up at the court house, these easy-to-adapt forms are shrewdly slanted in your favor. And even if you found a lawyer with the fathers rights experience I have, and wanted to pay him $700, I wouldn't be there to guide him in using my carefully crafted clauses.

Bonus #4: Informative Report On Parental Alienation Syndrome (A $159.00 Value)

This is an excellent Informative Report on Parental Alienation Syndrome that is based upon Dr. Richard Gardner's famous book. Head off the "X"'s nasty techniques in emotionally loading the children against you. For the first time you will understand how to combat her "dirty pool".

Bonus #5: State and Federal Tort Claims (A $100.00 Value)

This is an excellent source for you when striking back with State and Federal Tort Claims. As you know, "tort" claims are "civil wrongs" which include intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation of character, interference with family relationships, interference with business relationships. The "X" painting you in a "false light," and much, much more.

These claims are made outside the prejudicial family court system and can be used to effectively place tremendous pressure on "X"-wives, judges, attorney's, lying friends and anyone that's lined up against you in the case.

These "cutting-edge" documents cover Constitutional violations, as well, and often cause the other side to "cave-in"; effectuating a settlement with you! All you need to do is use Dennis' techniques to make these suits your own and use them against your "X" to win.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Parenting/Visitation Plan

    An extremely detailed plan which spells out in easy to understand language everything that constitutes life for your children and how they're shared between you and you "X". An organized system for sharing your kids. This 12 page document can save you misunder-standings and heartache in the future. Simply put, it makes for smooth parenting.

  • Tort Claim Law Suit

    A template document to make a law suit easy against the "X", her attor-ney, the judges and anyone else that's lined up against you. Very often this is the only way to get their attention! Just mirror this successful suit and make it your own. Hundreds of fathers have found it successful in obtaining results where other methods did not. You must create pres-sure to gain relief and this one does it!

  • Responsive Declaration To Any False Allegations

    From allegations of sexual abuse to defenses against domestic vio-lence, you must absolutely "slam-dunk" this nonsense or it will be used against you throughout your entire case! Your written response is very important. Don't mistakenly think that you can "wing-it" verbally and protect yourself against her lies. Tailor this pleading to fit your case and stop her cold!

  • Answers To Interrogatories

    It is essential that you know how to answer interrogatory questions and how to participate in discovery. You don't want to give too much infor-mation. Know which questions that you have to answer and which ones you can avoid, legally!

  • Winning Clauses

    Have highly specialized legal templates at your fingertips that have hundreds of clauses that you can immediately copy into your document. These are invaluable to your case. There is a great deal of sloppy legal work out there which will cause you problems later. Avoid them, use our winning clauses as your own.

In the Fathers Rights Protection System™ , you'll discover the exact same system Dennis used in his own personal case and the same system he’s used to help thousands of Fathers all across the United States and Canada. Now you can use this program to:

If you don't order this unique course, what's your strategy for success?

And if you don't have a strategy…well, if you don't know where you're going, how will you get there?

No One Cares As Much
About Your Case As You Do!

Remember, you can’t depend on anyone else. No one cares as much about your case as you do… not your family, not your friends and certainly not your attorney.

Take matters into your own hands and get something done for a change. Be a participant in your case rather than a by-stander!

Thousands of Fathers have used this information, effectively, to win their cases. And, in every instance, no matter what the circumstances, it always improved their situations so dramatically that they could hardly believe it! They often wondered why their attorney's never told them these very basic techniques. So I know it's foolproof and it'll save you years of hard knocks.

Get The Benefit of Dennis’ Unique Strategies, Laid Out For You In A Downloadable Format Or In A Convenient, Easy To Use, Audio Format …. With Even More Detailed Explanations, Personally Explained To You By Dennis

On this basis, The Fathers Rights Protection System™ is priced at $147.77 for the down-loadable system with just under 1,000 pages and $247.77 for the easy to use Audio System as pictured above.[Audio System includes the downloadable version as well]

However, since the system is newly updated for 2009, Dennis is making you this unheard-of offer:

Improve Your Situation In 30-90 Days Or The Secrets And $1,458.00 In Bonuses Are Free!

If you promise to spend 10 hours per week following Dennis’ Fathers Rights Protection System, He'll back up your investment with this better-than-risk-free guarantee:

If you use the techniques Dennis teaches you, He’ll guarantee (1) that you'll feel empowered for the first time in a long time, and (2) that you'll improve your situation with child support and visitation within 90 days.

If you fight your case the way Dennis teaches you, He’ll guarantee (1) that regardless of what happened thus far, you'll be able to get the "X" on the defensive; maybe for the first time, (2) that you'll begin writing great pleading work and actively participate in your case within 90 days, and (3) that you'll gain more access to your children, lower child support, stop or delay abusive collection techniques and be a positive influence in your case. Depending on the case and where you live, this could mean thousands of dollars in child support savings alone; and, more time with your kids!

Dennis Is Staking His Own Reputation On You!

If you order by December 6 2009 you'll get 90 days to try it out. So you can get started today with as little as $147.77. All Dennis asks is that you promise to send him a testimonial after you've "kicked butt" for the first time, describing how easy it was.

Still Not Convinced? Need A Guarantee?
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Dennis Gac's Rock-Solid
100% Solid-Gold Guarantee

You're protected by Dennis’ lifetime guarantee; if you're ever unsatisfied with his methods, for any reason, feel free to return the system for a complete 100% refund. No questions. No hassles. And no matter what, all of Dennis’ hard won secrets and $1,458.00 worth of bonuses are yours to keep.

That's a guaranteed gain, just for reviewing Dennis’ material! He vows to deliver on his guarantee.

But Dennis Guarantees Results Only If...

It's true that with Dennis’ insider methods, you can pump out a virtual "Paper Blizzard". However, please know that this is NOT the “lazy man's way to success”. It's just like anything else in life; the more time you put in, the more success you’ll enjoy. The less time, the less success.

For example, you might be happy to work a couple of hours per week on your case, and have some success; but, generally, you're still disappointed. On the other hand, you might be as driven as some guys; using the same strategies Dennis teaches them and enjoy full custody, unlimited time with their kids and pay little or no child support. In short, you could be an equal parent, just like them.

So let's be clear. As long as you spend 10 hours per week following Dennis’ Fathers Rights Protection System™, Dennis fully expects you to turn your case around and set things in the right direction within 45 days or, in some cases, because of court delays and the like, you should see your first success within 90 days. Dennis wouldn't be staking his reputation on it or offering you a “risk-free guarantee” if he didn't.

But, if you aren't willing to spend 10 hours per week, then do yourself a favor and stop reading now. Don’t Order Please! --- Dead Serious! You probably won't do anything in your case anyway and Dennis won't have a fair chance at getting some good testimonials. Besides, Dennis doesn't want you complaining to others that his system doesn't work because of “your” lack of effort.

Enjoy Time and Freedom With Your Kids And The Prestige Of Being An Equal Parent

Just imagine yourself six months from today...

And There’s More…….

Your family and friends will be impressed when they see that you're a meaningful part of your children's' lives and that you've got child support under control. After all, they've been listening to your troubles for quite some time, haven't they? Remember Fathers Rights Are Their Rights Too!

Opportunities Will Open All Around You Including:

Why Limit Yourself To Being A "Second-Class-Parent?

If you're feeling a strong inner pull that says "Do This"... then, trust your instincts and Order Right Now. Grab your $1,458.00 worth of bonuses before it's too late. You'll own all of the tools and resources Dennis spent years developing, so you can instantly profit from his years of hard won experience. And, with my lifetime risk-free guarantee....You can only come out ahead!

Here’s a little secret…if you don't take charge of your future for “your” family, then things probably won't go the way you want. Yes, you CAN do this, and Dennis Gac will show you how, step-by-step!

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Your partner in Fathers Rights,

The National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights
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Phone: (206) 650-0250
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P.S. If you ignore this offer and keep your life the same, you're going to get more of the same—more stress, less time with your kids, and more headaches... What we're offering you is the easiest, most risk-free way to achieve more of the rights you desire. Why wait? Act NOW!

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