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Single Fathers’ Parental Rights

So you’re a single father that was never married to your Ex and now you’re discovering that it has been next to impossible to see your kids because she has all the “power”. You think to yourself, “But I have a birth certificate with my name on it, isn’t that enough to give me some say-so?” You would think that a birth certificate would be enough, unfortunately that is definitely not the case in order to see your kids and fight for your rights as a father.

You see, the birth certificate only establishes you as the father of your child for purposes of collecting child support from you if the mother chooses to pursue child support. That way, the state will collect money from you instead of assisting your Ex themselves through other state funding programs. And theoretically this isn’t wrong, as parents should financially support their children. The problem lies in the fact that the ONLY thing your name on a birth certificate guarantees you is the right for the government to collect money from you for child support. It DOES NOT guarantee you, the father of your child, a full set of parental rights, including visitation and decision making rights.

We at the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights believe that it is wrong to purely collect money from men without giving them the opportunity to obtain a full set of parental rights as well. Women do not have to prove that they have a vested interest in being an active part of their children’s lives; however men do and this is simply not fair. It is sad because very few men realize that this fact is the status quo and the way our court system operates. When their children are being born, of course all men are more interested in the health and safety of their children and are not thinking about the future if things were go south with their significant other. It isn’t until much later when single fathers get the rude awakening that they have practically no rights at all to their children in the eyes of the family court system.

Most guys are shocked to find this out when I explain to them why the birth certificate does not matter at all when they call me up on the phone. But the most important thing you can do is to not lose hope! There is always something that you can do right away to improve you case, no matter how hopeless you feel or think your case is! Take action now!